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A Diverse World of Opportunities

Collage Sunshine Alley Artworks

As an artist I have begun to look at alternative ways to showcase, sell and promote my work.  In the past I was constantly  assessing new ways to make my work more commercially accessible. This process became tiresome and took me away from my core visual arts studio practice. Based on this experience I have now adopted a strategy of consciously asking myself two questions,  ‘what am I wanting to achieve?’ and ‘Am I enjoying the process?’. This assessment allows me to stop, reassess and change direction (if needed).

sunshine alley illustrations

Through this reassessment process I have started to redirect and immerse my energy back into my arts practice – this has also come with an array of mixed emotions from  excitement to fear of failure. To challenge myself further I have approached three retail outlets, with one rejection.  

I currently have  original illustrations on consignment at Sunshine Alley, Mullumbimby, and have recently completed a commissioned mural for retail outlet White Buffalo,

As an artist what successful strategies have you implemented to commercially market your practices?

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The Artist in Me

EarthlyInk Illustration
EarthlyInk Illustration

A very small percentage of artists have the fortunate opportunity from making a living from their careers, but this fact does not deter me from continuing on my own road to hopeful success. I have always been somebody who sees a glass half full, sometimes to the annoyance of my husband who refers to himself as a realist.

After many years working in arts administration, arts and project management I decided, a year ago, to place my energy into my arts practice. This has been such a rewarding and supported decision  from my husband and family.

To establish my career as an artist I am at a stage of  reasserting my style and reestablishing new and existing industry networks. This has involved a 6 week art course with Byron Bay Art School facilitated by the amazing Emma Walker, negotiating for consignment spaces in local retail businesses and creating this blog to promote  my journey and practice.

I have had some successes and of course some disappointments. My successes have included a commissioned mural with retail outlet White Buffalo in Brunswick Head NSW –  and my original works and prints on consignment at Sunshine Alley in Mullumbimby NSW –

EarthlyInk Illustration
EarthlyInk Illustration

My next point of attack will be exhibition proposals  with local and state galleries and grant submissions.

Looking forward to keeping you updated x

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