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Maliga Arts & Culture Showcase 2015

EarthlyInk also embodies an art consultancy practice, and as part of this tier I recently acquired a contract with Wyong Shire Council, to assist with the coordination and curation of Maliga, an Indigenous arts and culture showcase of multidisciplinary artworks created by the shires young people from years K-12. 

Maliga, (‘shine’ in Darkinjung) is an opportunity for students to visually narrate their cultural stories from their own perspective through a diverse range of visual formats. This year 37 artworks were submitted, utilsing both traditional and contemporary processes. 

Below are images of the official invite and during installation with elder, Aunty Jenni     




Learning to Breathe

Enjoying the simple things in life
Enjoying the simple things in life

Learning to breathe and basically stop, is something that hasn’t been so easy to do the past five months. From setting up house, acquiring my first ever arts tender to finding time to complete a body of work for an up and coming art exhibition, and than everything else in-between has started to leave my emotional and spiritual health a little battered. So I say it’s time to recoup and have a temporary escape plan and enjoy the simple things in life – family, the outdoors and fresh food! Sounds good! Escape Plan 1: I have organised a family weekend away involving a cabin near the beach, open fresh air, bush walking and a lot of relaxation. Escape Plan 2: a three day surprise birthday getaway for my hubby, child free! I cannot remember the last time we did something like this since having our son.

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