Over the years my practice has focused on my cultural identity and heritage within a multidisciplinary context. My earlier works predominately explored the role of women within my family from a social, spiritual and domestic perspective.

Cultural Identity Series

Being a second generation Greek/Australian I have struggled with these notions and expectations of how women should present themselves and the manner at which women are viewed. These artworks are a reflective response to those ideals.

On a spiritual basis, both my grandmothers were strong believers, one who carried out daily religious rituals, and the other who focused on superstitious practices. Though both homes contained biblical shrines and alters inclusive of icons, incense and other religious objects.

The artworks below are a representation of those practices and beliefs.


My latest projects will once again revisit the cultural conditioning of my Greek heritage from both a spiritual, ritualistic and social context, but will also investigate the physical and emotional journey of my fathers families migration from Greece to Australia, including their ‘assimilation’ and ‘integration’ upon their arrival.