Four Point Gallery collage

The exhaustion has set in. I am now ready to slow down for the next few weeks and enjoy seeing my artworks installed in the gallery on those lovely, white and crisp walls, and to sit and ponder the next part of my artistic journey.

It was such a humbling feeling, and I must admit an anxious one as well to share these completed artworks with those who have encouraged and supported me. I have never been one to enjoy the ‘spotlight’, but to have the opportunity to showcase this years completed artworks was exciting.

Four Point Gallery Collage II

Something I have begun to question is the skill to assess complimentary art spaces and galleries which have a strong alliance with the its arts community and the ability to build its patrons.

After having years off from exhibiting due to family responsibilities, and to look at my practice as a life long profession, I have realised to create economic rewards and public recognition for your practice, you really need to canvas through and identify those spaces. My new friend for the next phase will be ‘No Fear’ – to research and approach those spaces and galleries which fit the criteria listed above.

Four Point Gallery Collage I

It has been an amazing experience to reignite that creative drive, and have a space such as Four Point Gallery to re-establish this paused journey. As Emma Cother, from Backyard Bus noted during her opening speech, spaces such as Four Point Gallery and Renew Newcastle are providing ‘gatherings’ on both a physical and emotional level, where community, artists and space interact.

As stated in my interview with Newcastle Mirage, I see myself as a visual storyteller, and these spaces are providing artists with the opportunity to share, connect and build a sense of community.