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Women of Heritage Launch

Below are a selected few of the completed artworks from the ‘Women of Heritage’ project. It was such an amazing project and really could not have been done without the dedication of the participants.

These images are of the exhibition launch, which included a moving performance by Maori poet, Janette Hoppe of Papatuanuku Press and amazing partners as listed in the chalk art signage.

Whale Dreamers Festival 2015

IMG_1479 I was invited to this year’s as a resident artist. This involved the facilitation and delivery of eco art workshops, to inspire and educate the broader community of alternative creative processes by utilising a range of natural materials. It was a busy day, attracting approximately 300 participants to the workshops.

Celebrating Diversity

WOH Collage

Women of Heritage is taking leaps and bounds with the project involving 24 women from a range of culturally diverse backgrounds and age groups. I’m looking forward to the visual storytelling component of the project, so watch this space!

Maliga Arts & Culture Showcase 2015

EarthlyInk also embodies an art consultancy practice, and as part of this tier I recently acquired a contract with Wyong Shire Council, to assist with the coordination and curation of Maliga, an Indigenous arts and culture showcase of multidisciplinary artworks created by the shires young people from years K-12. 

Maliga, (‘shine’ in Darkinjung) is an opportunity for students to visually narrate their cultural stories from their own perspective through a diverse range of visual formats. This year 37 artworks were submitted, utilsing both traditional and contemporary processes. 

Below are images of the official invite and during installation with elder, Aunty Jenni     




Women of Heritage Newcastle Stories

As outlined in my previous posts, ‘Women of Heritage’ was an initial concept influenced by the exploration of my own cultural heritage and identity.

Due to my interest in cultural diverse communities, came the idea to further explore and celebrate these communities which reside in Newcastle. From here I have invited women and families to participate in the project, with 10 participants to date from German, Italian, Irish and Croatian background, with more ready to take part.

Below are some images of the projects initial development (Stage 1);

Some of the face mask moulds drying.
Mother and daughter participants of multicultural heritage
A local participant of German heritage

Women of Heritage – Portraits

Women of Heritage is a multi-layered project which commenced earlier in the year. It initially began as an exploration into my own cultural identity, from visually depicting and interpreting characteristics, domestic roles and the spiritual beliefs and practices which connected women in my family (including myself) to their cultural heritage, from both the traditional and contemporary associations and disconnections.

The format as to how these are being represented is through portraits and masks,  with each utilising a range of mediums, cultural motifs and decorative designs. Below are some works in progress demonstrating these processes;

Women of Heritage - Collage - Mum

Women of Heritage - collage - yaya

Women of Heritage (Part 1) continued

Here are the results of the works in progress from family members to participants from the local Newcastle community.

I feel so connected to this project and the response from those willing to participate has been very humbling and overwhelming, with more women engaging with the project.

I am so passionate about sharing others cultural stories and creating a visual voice to those willing to open their lives to the broader community.

This project is about celebrating and showcasing our culturally diverse community from a female perspective, including an opportunity for women to tell their own individual stories reflective of cultural identity and connectedness.

Renew Newcastle Open Studio Event Participants
Renew Newcastle Open Studio Event Participants
My mum and two of my three sisters
My mum and two of my three sisters

Displacement & Identity (Part One): Women of Heritage

Women of Heritage is Part One of the latest art project in development.

As mentioned in the previous post my cultural heritage, including my fathers journey from Greece on SS SKAUGUM (first refugee and ‘displaced persons’ carrier established by the UN under the “International Refugee Organisation”), including the domestic and social role of women will be a focal point for the coming years of my arts practice.

Part One will explore my generational heritage, specifically of women who have played an intricate role into my up-bring, been influenced by cultural traditions and also challenged the traditional domestic roles.

Mask Stage One - Marie

These concepts will be explored in the form of 2D and 3D works,  encompassing symbolic and interpretive imagery, and the reproduction of significant & traditional objects.

WIP-Portrait Series Collage

New Work – Displacement and Identity

Over the years my practice has focused on my cultural identity and heritage within a multidisciplinary context. My earlier works predominately explored the role of women within my family from a social, spiritual and domestic perspective.

Cultural Identity Series

Being a second generation Greek/Australian I have struggled with these notions and expectations of how women should present themselves and the manner at which women are viewed. These artworks are a reflective response to those ideals.

On a spiritual basis, both my grandmothers were strong believers, one who carried out daily religious rituals, and the other who focused on superstitious practices. Though both homes contained biblical shrines and alters inclusive of icons, incense and other religious objects.

The artworks below are a representation of those practices and beliefs.


My latest projects will once again revisit the cultural conditioning of my Greek heritage from both a spiritual, ritualistic and social context, but will also investigate the physical and emotional journey of my fathers families migration from Greece to Australia, including their ‘assimilation’ and ‘integration’ upon their arrival.

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